Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pregnancy Week 24

Week 24 is here which means I am officially 6 months pregnant! (technically tomorrow). I obviously am starting to look the pregnancy part too which is fun and weird at the same time. I haven't had too many belly rubs, but I have however noticed that random people in grocery stores or walmart will stare and smile at me- which is fine with me. I just wish I knew what to say to them!

During this week our little Avery weighs about 1.4 pounds and will gain nearly 6 ounces this week as his body finally begins to fill out. This weight will mostly consist of muscle, bone mass, and the growing organs and tissues. His little ears are now fully functional, and I have already noticed that he is responding to sound! He seems to wake early to the buzzing alarm even before me. Forget hitting that snooze buttton! When you are getting a swift kick in the side at 6 am it's a little easier to wake up.... maybe that's a sign of whats to come! yikes!

But in any case we are excited. I finally got the shipment of clothes that I ordered from ebay and spend the evening organizing all the clothes we had by size. Fun times!


Em Sun Oct 25, 12:59:00 PM  

You are such a cute pregnant lady!!! :-)
Next time I see you, I should rub your belly just to be obnoxious. lol.

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