Tuesday, September 26, 2006

hum yea

So guess I am going to try to continue this blogspot thing. Thing is.. I can't figure it out. I haven't took advantage of the half the features because, welp, its so dang complicated, and right now, I need simplicity... But i thought "what the heck, lets give this baby a try."

So the other day I get to go to a wedding which was great great fun. But before I went I jumped in my little green minivan and slam the door as usual but for some strange reason it wont latch shut at all... So continue to slam it and slam it until finally it shuts- but then the lil stinker doesnt want to open. So my van and I go through the whole schpeel over and over unitl finally i give up and decide to deal with it. I get to the wedding and after it was over I get ready to leave, get into my van and then to no suprise of my own does not want to shut... so yea... it stinks and im the cool one that has to climb out of my van door from the opposite side of the van... whateva

So life's great. Just returned from NYC this weekend, which was great, hanging out with Carson Daily and the guy that played Spiderman.. yea. im cool.. but seriously, lots of fun in the city. Did some singing, bought some freakishly awesome purses, ate at Planet Hollywood at 2 am,drove around in a big white van with a U-haul attached to it through the city and Harlem, watched as Iaan got hit on by some jiggalo (i dunno how to spell it and i dont have motivation to look it up- so deal) ... good times.

ok... just lost motivation to type anything more. sorry


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