Thursday, February 04, 2010

Had my 39 week appointment this afternoon. And...

I'm 3cm dilated and 80% effaced.

That silence? That is me as my eyes bug out of their sockets and my mouth catching flies.

The OB was surprisingly shocked and said that Avery's head is "very low" and at this point, we are just waiting on him to decide on his birthday. Do you think I could just walk into the hospital and ask for an epidural now?

Before leaving she mentioned that she is on call this weekend should I go into labor, and that she would not anticipate me being pregnant next week. But the thought of it happening so soon is surreal and weird. I mean, we are ready. The nursery is finished, the house is clean, projects are basically completed aside from the many thank you cards that I owe people. We have all the necessary items to take care of a newborn and more. The anticipation is killing me and at the same time- I am trying to savor my last moments as a pre-mom... But I'm still in shock. Utter shock.

So it's a good thing my bags are packed and ready to go..

I hope that my next update is the one we've all been waiting for. Until then, I guess I will wait earnestly and enjoy these last moments being the closest I'll ever be to my baby boy. As uncomfortable as it is to have a baby using my ribs as a chair, I never want to forget the sensation. I don't want to forget any of it. I wish I could bottle it up somehow so I can always be reminded of it. I want to meet him so badly but it is hard to think of letting it go and entering the next phase.

Will I be a good mom? Will I know what to do to fulfill his needs? It's all just so new and I know these worries are common at this point. I just want to do right by him and God and give him the life he deserves. For months I've worried so much of this pregnancy away.. Every ach and pain. Now, I want these memories to stay with me and not to ever fade. I want to enjoy it while it lasts.


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

39 weeks!

Today marks the 39th week of this pregnancy and quite possibly the last pregnancy photo! (Hopefully). The next set of photos may be little Avery Grant himself.

Although the thought of having the baby in the next week, or days, or hours seems soo very overwhelming I am mentally preparing myself for what is in store. I don't think anyone can ever feel 100% prepared, but I am trying my very best.

This week was one that had me busy from start to finish. But we have the nursery COMPLETELY finished. No more "in progress" status for the nursery. YAY!

Here are just a few pictures of the nursery:

I have been trying to watch for signs that labor is near- but unfortunatly have had nearly none. My last Dr. appointment didn't spark too much hope of an early delivery either. I was not even 1cm dialated. Of course, the Doc said that it could happen rather fast and to not find myself discouraged, but to me, it seems that baby is in no rush to be out. My sister, Ashley delivered at 38 weeks by being induced. From what I can remember, her only problems were swelling and being extremely uncomfortable at night. I tried to pull that card on my doctor last week who said "the baby will come when he's ready, but don't worry, I won't let you go over 2 weeks past your due date.".... 'GEE, THANKS Doc!' In any case, at least I have most everything done and ready for the baby. Work tasks are complete (no more tax reciepts to mail out!!), nursery is done, my house is in order.. so yeah!

Keep me in your prayers this week! I have a new Doc appointment tomorrow. Hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel.~


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