Saturday, June 19, 2010

my how time flies!

Well I was cleaning out my computer today on this rainy Saturday morning when I found some of Avery's newborn pictures... *tear*. I should say that I intended for them to be newborn photos, but he was actually about 3 weeks old. Either way, it definatly are very special to me. Yes, he's just 4 months old, but babies change so much from week to week. Although it was just a few short months ago, it seems like ages...

Anyway, I thought I would share them with you.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

the show must go on

So there I stood.

I found myself in the upstairs room of our high school band class. I could smell the familiar musky smell of the old instruments from the next room. I look down to see myself in a black sequenced dresses that sits perfectly angled to my knees with overly fluffy crenalin popping out of the bottom. I instantly recognize the dress as the dress that I wore in our high school show choir called "The Madrigals".

I am confused.. "Why am I HERE??.

My friend Nicole from high school walks in "there you are! We have been looking for you!"

She was also dressed in the God-awful dress.

"What on earth is going on, I asked.

"We are opening for the show choir competion downstairs," she says.

At this point panick sets in, my hands are sweating, my heart begins racing. "Show choir? What? What are we going to sing? Are we going to dance? We haven't practiced! It's been too long!" I started rambling.

"Don't worry we'll do fine." She then grabs my wrist and leads me dowstairs to the hallway outside of the gymnasium.

There I see nearly all of the alumni (now in their late 20s and 30s) all dressed in their gawdy Madrigal show choir costumes. All of the women were adorned with bright rainbow sequenced dresses, while the men were wearing old school tuxedos with a blue bow tie.

"Am I in Hell?" I thought.

I could hear the crowd of people roaring from the gymnasium.

Still so bewildered I look at Nicole and ask "what are preforming?"

"I need a hero, by bonnie tyler." She says. "And OH yeah, Emily (another girl from high school) can't make it so you have to sing the solo"

"NooOo" I screamed in horror.

How did I get talked into this? I screamed.
Everying will make fun of us! Were a bunch of 30 year olds trying to sing to 'I need a hero' I said in desperation....

Are we going to dance too!??" I asked hoping to find some relief.

"Yeah, can't you remember the moves? Nicole said...

She then breaks down into this Napoleon Dynamite type of dance and looks at me as if I should join in.

"I cant remember it!" I screamed in anger!

At that moment the double doors to the gym open. As the doors open the light is so bright I can see nothing but a white haze, and I hear the crowd roaring. "And here are the Madrigal Alumni!" I hear the speaker say...


I jump up gasping in a cold sweat. I look around to find myself in my bed with justin, my husband, snorring next to me. It was all a dream. A horrible horrible nightmare of a dream. At that moment I thanked the good Lord that it was all a dream and I was not still in high school .

Maybe I should lay off on the mocha fraps from Starbucks from before bed.


Monday, June 07, 2010

Weekends with Avery

Good Monday Morning! Have you found your cup of coffee yet? I have for sure!

Had a good weekend which consisted of a whole lot of nothing. Which was wonderful. Unfortunatly, Justin had to work all weekend, even Sunday so me and Avery had an action packed weekend to ourselves. I love weekends with Avery! He is just so darn fun. He is starting to babble and go "mmmmmmmmm ahh" I keep telling Justin that he's trying to say Mom, but I know a 4 month old won't be doing that for awhile. Mostly, i just like to say it to get under his skin. haha. Avery is a momma's boy!

We spent the day Saturday inside the house. Poor little Avery has had that virus that had caused us to go back and forth to the dr. 3 times last week. He was miserable last Wednesday. I mean, I thought we were going to have to run him to the emergency room. So Thursday morning I brought him in for the 3rd time. I am sure that the Dr. thinks that I am one of thoes overly fussy first time mom's. But I just can't stand him not being able to breath normally. In any case, I am glad that I did take him as we found out that the little guy probably has developed Asthma and the virus was irritating the asthma causing breathing/ weezing problems. So we ended up walking out of the dr. that day with a nebulizer (breathing machine) to take home. After giving him just a few short treatments, his breathing significantly improved and the little guy was finally able to lay down and take a nap longer than a 20 minutes! I was SO relieved.

All of this commotion with Avery's breathing solidified something to me... We as parents and people really need to be our own advocates for our health. Sure I could have trusted the first Dr. and not went the 2nd or 3rd time. But I am sure that we would be in no better place today, 2 weeks after the initial start of the illness, with his breathing. I think, in many cases we put so much trust in our dr.'s opinions and try to overlook any hunches that we may feel. I knew that the initial medication was not working for Avery! I guess a mother's instict should not be overlooked! I am just so glad that we found the cause of the problem.

On Sunday afternoon Avery was feeling so good that I decided to take him outside on the back lawn and relax. It was a nice warm day with a cool breeze. It was perfect. I took some pictures. As you can see, I edited some of them too.

ALSO, to add to the good weekend, I found out this morning that I won Max Lucado's children's book "Tallest of Smalls"! I won! I never win anything and I won!!! lol... You woud have thought that I won the lottery or something... But just the sheer shock that I won something was pretty cool. See, the other day I was reading a new blog favorite 'The Mom Creative' and she was giving away 5 of these Children's books! All that the readers had to do was post their favorite children's book and your name. Of course I did this fully expecting to never hear another word about it. And then this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find the winner email in my inbox! How awesome! For thoes of you that know me well, know that I have been collecting children's books since before Avery was even a glimpse of a possibility. I have always loved the parable aspect of Children's books. Since Avery has been born, I started an amazon list with some children's books that I wanted to buy, and Max Lucado's "Tallest of Smalls" was on the top. Our church just finished the fearless series so I was just so intrigued- plus, who doesn't love Max Lucado!?

Anyway- that sums up my weekend... How about yours?


Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Well it's Wednesday, but it totally feels like Monday. I'm tired, exhausted, and ready for a nap. You would think having Sat.- Tuesday off that I would feel refreshed and ready to go. Unfortunatly, my little guy ended up with a hacking cough on Friday after work.. So Saturday consisted of a trip to Urgent Care for his hack, and by Saturday evening he had a hack, runny nose, fever, and a bad temper. So I was on the phone with the prediatrician all Sat.-Sun. Things haven't really let up for the little guy either. Last night he woke with a low grade fever and threw up. I rocked him back to sleep, but it definatly made for one sleepless night. This morning he still has a low grade fever, so it was super hard for me to drop him off at his mamaw's house and leave him so I could get caught up on work. ay yiyiyyiyiyi... Poor little guy!


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