Monday, June 07, 2010

Weekends with Avery

Good Monday Morning! Have you found your cup of coffee yet? I have for sure!

Had a good weekend which consisted of a whole lot of nothing. Which was wonderful. Unfortunatly, Justin had to work all weekend, even Sunday so me and Avery had an action packed weekend to ourselves. I love weekends with Avery! He is just so darn fun. He is starting to babble and go "mmmmmmmmm ahh" I keep telling Justin that he's trying to say Mom, but I know a 4 month old won't be doing that for awhile. Mostly, i just like to say it to get under his skin. haha. Avery is a momma's boy!

We spent the day Saturday inside the house. Poor little Avery has had that virus that had caused us to go back and forth to the dr. 3 times last week. He was miserable last Wednesday. I mean, I thought we were going to have to run him to the emergency room. So Thursday morning I brought him in for the 3rd time. I am sure that the Dr. thinks that I am one of thoes overly fussy first time mom's. But I just can't stand him not being able to breath normally. In any case, I am glad that I did take him as we found out that the little guy probably has developed Asthma and the virus was irritating the asthma causing breathing/ weezing problems. So we ended up walking out of the dr. that day with a nebulizer (breathing machine) to take home. After giving him just a few short treatments, his breathing significantly improved and the little guy was finally able to lay down and take a nap longer than a 20 minutes! I was SO relieved.

All of this commotion with Avery's breathing solidified something to me... We as parents and people really need to be our own advocates for our health. Sure I could have trusted the first Dr. and not went the 2nd or 3rd time. But I am sure that we would be in no better place today, 2 weeks after the initial start of the illness, with his breathing. I think, in many cases we put so much trust in our dr.'s opinions and try to overlook any hunches that we may feel. I knew that the initial medication was not working for Avery! I guess a mother's instict should not be overlooked! I am just so glad that we found the cause of the problem.

On Sunday afternoon Avery was feeling so good that I decided to take him outside on the back lawn and relax. It was a nice warm day with a cool breeze. It was perfect. I took some pictures. As you can see, I edited some of them too.

ALSO, to add to the good weekend, I found out this morning that I won Max Lucado's children's book "Tallest of Smalls"! I won! I never win anything and I won!!! lol... You woud have thought that I won the lottery or something... But just the sheer shock that I won something was pretty cool. See, the other day I was reading a new blog favorite 'The Mom Creative' and she was giving away 5 of these Children's books! All that the readers had to do was post their favorite children's book and your name. Of course I did this fully expecting to never hear another word about it. And then this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find the winner email in my inbox! How awesome! For thoes of you that know me well, know that I have been collecting children's books since before Avery was even a glimpse of a possibility. I have always loved the parable aspect of Children's books. Since Avery has been born, I started an amazon list with some children's books that I wanted to buy, and Max Lucado's "Tallest of Smalls" was on the top. Our church just finished the fearless series so I was just so intrigued- plus, who doesn't love Max Lucado!?

Anyway- that sums up my weekend... How about yours?


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