Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Black Satin Sheets

ok... this will be a short blog, but I had to get my blog fix for the night. Today was a good day, I got to sing in General Council, help Rachel move some more belongings into my house, have late night Tim Horton laughs and deep thoughts about life love and other mysteries with Rach, Jess, and Richard, BUT the kicker for the night was my splurge at walmart...
Black Satin Sheets. Always wanted some, but never really had the proper opportunity to get em.. But tonight as I walked somewhat sad and pathetically through walmart I thought "Amber, desperate times call for desperate measures." So I marched my way to the sheet aisle and got them. It was nice. Jess warned me that it was kind of impuslive but I didn't care.. As soon as I walked through the doors of my little apartment and threw off the skanky yellow flanel sheets and put these puppies on the bed, I felt like heaven had just sent a handful of angels down for me to lay on... People, black satin sheets are amazing. Jess recommended Pink, but I can't say for sure, but I am convinced that only the black ones gives the sureal heavenly touch.. all that matters is I am going to bed with a smile tonite- and tonight I will..
Tomorrow I will post about the first night with the black satin sheets..


Sunday, August 06, 2006

so the journey begins

I have decided the since life brings change, I might as well jump on the bandwagon of change.. I had to sadly part with my beloved friend- xanga of 2 years..I know I know, we had been through alot, and at one point I thought xanga and I would be a forever thing, but you see, xanga and I, I guess we had just came to a point in our relationship where I wasn't happy, or "fulfilled" I should say. I wanted more, like premium with all of it's splendor and glamour- with the ability to post as many pics as possible without having to give alot, I mean- it is about me... just me.... Xanga just didnt offer what blog spot did, forget our memories, countless long entries that xanga saw me through, the past is the past people. Yes, xanga offed to fix it, to work on it, but listen when you have the opportunity to taste blogspot, theres just not a real comparison. So I have officially chosen blog spot...

BUT.... I must admit, I haven't closed my xanga account. I know what it looks like people, but seriously its alright. I mean, xanga and I, we aren't exactly on the best terms and I have been meaning to end it honestly, I just havent had the proper opportunity. And it wasn't like blog spot was really planned out ya know. I happened to be blogging around one late night a week or so ago, and there I saw her.. blog spot..My heart began to race and it felt good to talk to her. I knew that xanga and I were in a rough patch so I thought "a little window shopping won't hurt." One thing led to another and here I stand. So, I guess I will just let xanga believe that I am still faithful to her, just for now though. It's not really "cheating" if its just a day or two..

Oh no, Don't look at me like that.
I know what your thinking, and yea, maybe it is a little dirty. But I have to do what I want for a change.

I'm not a bad person.. It's just something I have to do, ya know, for me...It's about me... I want complete happiness. There were times that xanga just would not connect, ya know.. I know it was two years and yea, I guess times like COULD happen within the timespan of two years..but who cares.... its all about ME, and right now at this moment my instant gratification comes souly from blogspot, and you can't change my mind.

So...If you see xanga, I know her heart will be broken.. I know.. just let her know its alright. Other bloggers will come and go before she knows it. Sure I trampled her heart like a hurd of stampeding cattle, sure I ripped up her future dreams of blogging with me, sure I told her I'd never leave or betray her.... Sure... but like i said... its alright.


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