Wednesday, December 30, 2009

34 weeks

Well, the nursery is in the works... We are stocking up on diapers. We're getting ready! And hopefully, if all goes well, I will be waiting for another six weeks and then lil baby Avery Grant will be here! It's surreal to think that it's almost time for him to be here.

Pregnancy this week has started to rear it's ugly head at me. I have yet to find a good night's sleep, and something tells me that it's not going to get better. Between the huge kicks in the middle of the night, the back pain, and the bathroom runs I think that the little guy is trying to prepare me for what is in store.

I have realized that my anal-ness has reached an all time high. Most people would say it's this nesting stage- I just wish Justin would enter the nesting stage with me so I don't sound like a broken record. There are about a million things that I want done before the baby comes and I am starting to feel the pressure.. For me, all of the pressure of getting everything done turns from motivation to anxiety. Last night for example, Justin was watching some football game and it hit my like a ton of bricks "I need to get stuff done now!" So I had this sudden urge to move the furniture around in the baby's room. I wanted the curtains up. And I wanted all the clothes put away- unfortunately Justin wasn't into getting it all done- after all-"the football game is on, Amber!"... so I seriously went through an anxiety panicky moment where I was trying to move furniture and climb ladders and get the stuff done by it's like waiting was not an option! Finally Justin saw the "neeeed" to get it done by he crazed moment of freak out that I had just displayed and put the game on pause for a bit (thank God for DVR!). lol.

But I think that it's all coming together! Hopefully this time next week I can say "the nursery is done!" and I will post the pics to see..


Thursday, December 24, 2009

33 weeks

Merrry Christmas Eve! Today I am 33 weeks along and feeling great. Had a Dr. appointment this morning and the doc said everything looks great and gave a guesstimate baby weight of 4lbs. today! How exciting!

Here's a quick picture. Sorry- no smile! I was late for work. haha


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Star

I read a post this morning from Shaun Groves website that really resonated to me.


"The Old Testament ends with two commands from the prophet Malachi. He tells God's people to remember:

Remember that God has done great things for you. Then he tells them to believe:

Believe God's not through doing great things for you.

Remember. Moses, manna, water gushing from a rock, the Law written down by the finger of God on a mountaintop. Remember.

Believe. Believe that no matter how much darkness comes your way God will not abandon you, forget you. He will rescue. Believe.

Then the prophet put down his pen and for the next 400 years the Israelites changed hands from empire to empire. Syrians. Persians. Greeks. Romans.

400 years. Some have called them the "darkest" in Jewish history.

Why? The Jews had known this kind of poverty, persecution and powerlessness before.

Why were these years the darkest?

Because God was the quietest.

For 400 years not a syllable was spoken by God to his suffering children. No prophets. No miracles.

Nothing but darkness.

And waiting, remembering, believing.

Then, one night, an angel appeared to shepherds watching their flocks. And light shone all around them. And Heaven sent a message to earth.

Before songs of joy there were cries of sorrow. Before peace on earth there was conflict. Before healing came hurt. Before the Light of the World there was darkness. Before the Word became flesh God was silent.

Wait. Remember all the great things God has done in your life. Believe that He's not through doing them.

Wait. Your star will come


In the midst of the busyness of life it so easy to forget what a miracle we are really celebrating. For me, this year is more meaningful in the fact that I am carrying a little one and are feeling the anticipation of this new life, just as I expected Mary felt. It's easy to get hung up on the dark times in our life but we have a promise and a hope that MY star is coming.

For those who don't know, Justin is currently laid off from work for the next two weeks. Being on furlough is never a fun time, for us it's filled with stress and penny pinching and lots of worry as to what tomorrow, next week, or next month is going to look like when all the bills come in. Luckily- this one is only two weeks. In any case, we went to PA this weekend and as we were enjoying the time with family, his old job, Norfolk and Southern called in and said that they will be calling him back within the next two weeks. If he chooses to go back he will forever leave his current job. His current job is something that provides the security that we need, yet he finds absolutely no enjoyment or fulfillment out of. His old job sits on the opposite spectrum, so much potential for growth and enjoyment- yet the security is not there. There are so many positives and negatives to each job that it instantly set us in a worry of what to do. What is the best choice? We are having a baby now and we aren't just making a choice for us, but for the little guy as well.

As I worried and worried over the weekend and drive home I finally heard the promise of God say "Remember all the great things God has done in your life. Believe that He's not through doing them". I know that God will take care of us. Is there a better season to find that promise than the Christmas season? Absolutly not.

"Wait. Your star will come"


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week 32

So I am officially starting to struggle! I didn't get to post at all for last week AND i didn't even get a picture last week. BUT, in my defense can I just say that the past week has been SO hectic. Here are just a couple of things that have made my life hec-tic!

1. We had the Christmas theater at church a couple weeks ago and both Justin and I were in it. I had no idea how straining the small parts that I had would be with being so pregnant. Talk about a wipe out!

2. The Children's program at church. Justin was the prop guy who did a lot of the stage set up and making these wooden rotating signs. I ended up spending the best of last week doing the decorating part of the signs and he did the construction part. And I was helping with the preschool choir.

3. I turned 26! I am officially over-the-hill in my eyes. I am no longer a just a short skip away from 20- I am now a short skip away from 30... ayiyiy. Nonetheless- my parents made a special trip down to give me birthday wishes and Justin took me out the following night to celebrate.

4. We have started on the baby nursery! Here is the super cute set that my mom and dad bought baby Avery. The crib is set up, we are painting tomorrow and hopefully finish the nursery in the next 2 weeks?? maybe?

5. Oh- and lets not forget preparing for Christmas! With everything that has gone on, the blog is not the only thing that has not seen me- Christmas shopping hasn't either! I went and got a lot done on Black Friday, then purchased some online things, but have not got even a second to get out to shop! So the plan is to make shopping a priority this weekend!

6. Right now we are preparing to leave for PA this weekend to do Christmas with Justin's side of the family. Luckily for me, my black friday day was good because we got Justin's side completed, but on the way up to PA we are going to stop at some outlets to see what they have for us...

7. And we have had weekend guests- which are always fun. Jeni and Craig came down for a couple days last week, and Matt Carp visited this past weekend.

ANYWAY-- as far the pregnancy goes I am officially 32 weeks pregnant which means that I am starting month 8 of this 9 month journey. An average baby at this point would weigh close to 4 lbs and would be about 17 inches long, but I am not sure if our baby is a small baby, average, or large. I have now entered the wonderful state in which I am expected to gain 1lb. a week. Half of that weight goes to Avery.

Also, this week I have noticed a significant difference in the way baby movement feels. At first when I started to feel Avery he would jab and poke, while I can now watch my stomach literally shift in shape and size as the baby moves. It is just surreal.

Many people have been asking "so, are you ready to be un-pregnant"... Before actually being pregnant I felt that once I had reached this point I would be begging to see the finish line, but for me I have been really really really blessed with this pregnancy. I have yet to get sick or have excruciating pain or discomfort. I am still able to do pretty much everything that I had done before becoming pregnant. I haven't even had to call off of work. I actually have really enjoyed this experience and it's a little sad to see it go so quickly. I love being pregnant- but I am sure that once Avery Grant is here I will love being un-pregnant too.

In any case, like I said before, I feel so extremely blessed. Blessed because of this pregnancy, and the future with our son. Blessed to have Justin, who is an amazing husband and is so supportive. We are blessed to be in our new home for this Christmas. I am blessed to have a great church family, a handful of best friends, and a family who loves me and I them. With Christmas here it is just a great time to reflect and see just how amazing God's grace really is!


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Week 29 and 30

This picture is this week (week 30-today). This week is the end of the 7th month! How exciting. As much as I'm enjoying gaining weight like a sumo wrestler, I am all to glad to say that only 2 more months to go!! Many people ask how much I have gained thus far and I refuse to get on a scale and see. I usually just distract myself when I am on the Dr. scale. lol.. I mean, I am sure that they would tell me if I am over or under weight. I think just this week my belly grew 5 inches.. I'd say Thanksgiving didn't help that at all!

As far as the baby goes, from this week on, there is really nothing more left to do other than grow. Everyday that he is in here is better because his lungs mature more and more- but the little guy has already done much of his developing which helps me take a big sigh of relief.

I am starting to think long and hard about labor and delivery... And not in a fond way. I am NOT looking forward to that! I'm thinking "Wait a minute. The size of what is going to come out something that's the size of what?! Are you kidding me? ". lol Can't they just knock me out cold and take the baby?? I have got the "so what's your birthplan' question alot, and let me just say for the record- I have NO plan. I didn't even know people made "birth plans" I'm just going to take it as it comes and that may include drugs, and it may not. Only time will tell!
So, like I said yesterday I totally missed week 29! So here is a very bad picture of me. I look a little dazed and confused- but is the only one that I got last week. Oh well! I promise I am not cross eyed in real life! HAHA.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Black Friday !

Yes, it occured to me that I completely skipped week 29 of pregnancy pics! Last week was one crazy week and I still am recovering from it. But tomorrow (week 30) I plan to post 2 pics one for week 29 and one for week 30.

But anyway, thanksgiving was great! Ate a ton, and then I had my first real black friday experience. I really didn't want to go by myself this year so I managed to talk my sister, Anetta into coming with me which made it alot better. We started our black friday rising at 3:00am- eating breakfast and venturing to Walmart. When we arrived there we realized that the line was going to be a 3 hour wait- so we decided to move on. Luckily Justin was going to work and managed to stop by the Walmart by his work and picked up 2 GPS. One for my mother and father in law and one for me (an early birthday gift). :)

My sister and I then ventured to Home Depot. This was the critical stop of the day because it was my main motivation to be out on black friday. Justin has been drooling over an 18 volt Makita drill set that normally costs in the high $300.00s, BUT luckily- Home Depot had them on Black Friday sale for a whopping $199.00- yes, still a large purchase. But I had saved enough each week that I had to get out and get it. We got there about 20 min. before the doors opened and I pushed my way through the burly men to get the drill. It was exciting!.

So after that stop- there was another hardware store that I had to stop by. We had drawn names this year and I we got Justin's brother. So I was on a mission to find a great gift (worth much more that our actual purchase price) and I found it! Another set worth well over $150.00- I paid much much less for.

We then went to Gabriel Brothers, Macy's, K-Mart, Target, Hallmark and finally finished off the trip at the Mall. Unfortunatly by the time we made it to the mall we were zombies. Although there were still tons of sales to check out we decided to check out and go home after a looong day.

All in all- it was great! We got alot done. It always feels great to get really good deals and save lots of money- espcially when you pay in cash! No charging for me this year!


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