Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Intelligender Test

Has anyone ever heard of these intelligender tests??? If so- and your pregnant, or plan to be someday, or your wife is, let me warn you of these little things.

It all started about 3 months ago when I was sitting on the couch watching the nightly news when they began the story on these peculiar little gender tests. Basically, these tests are designed to tell the gender of your baby at the ripe age of 10 weeks pregnant. I thought that the idea was crazy, but what was more crazy was many Asian countries had banned the test right off of their shelves because the women who were taking the tests were actaully doing it to find out the gender of the baby- and if the baby was not the gender that was desired (boy) they would abort the baby at this early stage of pregnancy. I had never heard of such a test before! And sitting on the couch at 10 weeks pregnant I was so intriged by the possible accuracy of the results, and being the impatient person that I am I ran to the nearest CVS that very week just to take a look at one.

I could not beleive that these tests were 90% accurate like the news and other adds had claimed.. That began my infatuation with finding out the gender of baby Mac so early. I begged and begged for a solid week for Justin to give in and let me buy a gender test (that cost 30 bucks!). Finally after much persuasion he gave me the O.K.

So we purchased the test to find that Intelligender predicted us a little GIRL... It was exciting! According to my good friend Intelligender, there was a 90% chance that we were having a little girl!

I tried not to take it to heart, but I did...So over the next 3 months I did nothing but plan out the little girl nursery, the little girl clothes, the little girl everything! Of course Justin wouldn't let me buy anything that wasn't gender nutral until we got the 100% from the Doc. But I was sure of it...

So the day comes, Oct. 1st...the big day when we get to officially find out that it was a little sheMac... We get all prepped for the ultrasound and you could hear pin drop when they began. The tech leans over "do you guys want to know the gender?" she said. "YES!" we said at the same time....... "Boy!" she said...Now I would have loved to have actaully seen my face, because I was for sure in shock there. "Are you sure????" I kept asking her... Finally the tech said "I am 120% sure that this is a little boy."

there you go! A little HeMac.....A Boy!

SO, for anyone who has seen and is planning on doing something stupid like an Intelligender Test- Run! They are a big fat waste of money.


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