Monday, October 26, 2009

Tired Monday

It's Monday and I had another one of those can't-sleep-at-all-nights!!!!! I seriously think I may have found 2 hours of rest last night. On the way home from church last night I started to feel this extremely sharp pain in my shoulder and then in my side. It was so sharp and painful that I was sure that something was wrong, a heat attack, a stroke, it was bad! Justin was suggesting detouring to the hospital, but I thought that maybe some googling a good rest would help it out. I came home and started googling and sure enough it's a common symptoms at 6 months pregnant. I guess for some people, when the baby gets to a certain size it is easy for the baby to lay in a way that may pinch a nerve or two. Regardless I was miserable!

Justin convinced me to stay up for a little while and watch a movie with him- A very scary movie, mind you that I will not mention here because it freaked me out too much. lol. So I did,and FYI -watching a scary movie does not help you fall asleep when you are already having pain! Bad idea!!!!!! Every time I would doze off I would have this evil scary image in my head and I'd wake to the already throbbing part of my body. So let's just say that I hope that this day goes by quick!

Anyway- I did want to show some pumpkin carving pics from the weekend. Unfortunately my camera was down but luckily Emily has some that I am stealing! Here ya go. (ps- excuse my homely look that I have going on. haha)


Megan Wed Oct 28, 04:20:00 PM  

You should've compared your pumpkin to the pumpkin in your belly!

Em Thu Oct 29, 05:39:00 PM  

Oh man. I had one of those nights on Tuesday night and it was awful. It's like I have one night where I can't sleep, and then after that I get worried that I won't sleep the next night either, and then I wind up keeping myself awake. Sheesh.

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