Monday, January 24, 2011

The Learning Curve!

One thing that is super apparent now that I am a mommy- is that there is a steep learning curve that you go through, especially when it comes to our babies health. Avery, altough he's easily one of the happiest babies alive, hasn't had very great luck when it comes to an immune system. Yes, I followed the exact health guide, I breastfed, I made sure to sanitize EVERYTHING. But I suppose some children have a harder time than others. In any case, had you asked me about conjuntivities, trush, bronchitis, Fifth Disease before have Avery I would have looked at you like you were speaking jibberish to me. 

 From the first month of Avery's life I can recall something that has caused some sort of panic for me, whether is was a fever, asthma attack, hacking coughing/sneezing, conjuntivities, trush. etc.etc... . Avery is just turning 1, and I feel like I have went through an intensive graduate course on pediatrics! lol. Between the 3 asthma meds., and inhalers, the allergy meds, the many many accounts of having some sort of antibiotic in his system due to conjunctivitis (pink eye), bronchitis, or trush I sometimes feel as though the meds in themself have been a full time job. I will say, though that the last 4-5 months have been fairly easy and he's actually not been on anything but the asthma medication which is so nice. I switched him from a daycare setting with other babies to an in-home  child care of a girl that I go to church with. Since then I have seen a significant improvement in his health... BUT, for the last few weeks the little guy has seemed really fussy. He had a low grade fever last week so I kept him home a few days, but I couldn't tell what was up other than he had a low fever, runny nose, and a cough. He ended up developing a rash on his bottom which I did not associate with the cold at all- until he developed a SUPER red rash on the cheeks of his face.. At this point I called the Dr., who said " It sounds like Fifth's Disease".  "Fifth's disease!!! what is it!!!!!????" I panicked once again.

After reading up on it, I felt a little better knowing that  it's pretty common  little virus among little ones... But it still scares the bijeebeez out of you when you learn that your baby has something. The bright side of it is the red rash on his face is really the final stage of this "Fifth's Disease" so he should be good as new here soon. And he actually slept well last night which made me feel better.

So anyway- keep the little guy in your prayers !~


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