Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 review

Wow. Can you believe that we are officially half way through January? It really doesn't seem possible. At all. But we are! I can't believe that 2010 is over and done with, it just seems like yesterday that it begun. So, although I am 2 weeks late on this post, I thought I'd give an overview of the year.

- 2010 was our first full year of being homeowners! It's been a wonderful thing to feel as if we are official adults. With homeownership we have had to deal with broken garbage disposal and central air going out. I think it was the first hit to me that "we own the home" when the garbage disposal quit working and I couldn't call the trusty old landlord... But it's been awesome to have the freedom to make our home our very own, and to not feel as if we are throwing our money away with rentals. in 2010 we updated our house but painting the living, dining, kitchen, and even painted the front door red. Justin built an awesome tv stand.

- Probably the best most wonderful thing that happened in 2010 without a doubt was the welcoming on our sweet little boy(whom I was told that I may never have due to infertility issues), Avery Grant. He entered the world in February 9th, 2010 at 11:59 am. Most of the year of 2009 was spent antipating his arrival so when the 9 months of anticipation finally looked me in the eyes on that date, it has forever been etched into my heart.. (I know that's cheesy, but it's the God's honest truth)

- The entire 2010 year has been a year of adjustment with a new person in our lives. Everything has changed. I was home from work with him for a little over 2 months- I went back to work part time for another 2 months, and now I'm back at full speed here at the church.

- One huge thing that happened in 2010 was the horrible burn accident that took place in September. One great thing that happenend out of the whole thing was to actually see the hands and feet of God at work. Not only did the dr.'s say that Justin would be out of work for months, but they also had initially said that he would need skin graphs on his entire left side of his body. The Lord was moving, and Justin started work just 2 weeks after the accident, and never recieved a skin graph. He has discolored spots on the right side of his body, but the skin is there and he has been healed! Also, we had some very dear dear friends of our who really helped during that time and provided food for an entire week. It was awesome.

- Our new year resolution for 2009-2010 year was to make some improvments financially! Our goal is still to be debt free and we are working hard at doing it! With a little boy now in the picture this year was filled with many unexpected and expected expenses (dr. bills, food, clothing, daycare, etc, etc) but we were still able to bay off a $5,000 dollars debt, and 1 of our vehicles. It was a smaller dent in the bill pile of bills than what we wanted, but with all things considered, I think we did alright!

-On a physical level- lol, let me just say that pregnancy had its advantages, and disadvantages for sure. One disadvantage was the fact that I am just one of thoes gals that gain the weight. Some girls are all belly, but that last month of the pregnancy was the killer. I am going to be transparent on here with the weight thing because its going to be apart of my new years resolution so I have to show the progress. I started off the at the pre-pregnancy weight of 107.. The day I went into labor (with the baby still in there) I was weighed in at 152.. One week after having Avery I had an infection was back at the dr., and weighed in at 130 on the dot... So after the baby I still had a good 23 lbs to lose and it has been an uphill battle, but I'm happy to say that I sit here at 112! Still got that last 5 lbs, but i'm getting there. yes, it's been almost a year, but like I said, I am just the type of girl that keeps the baby weight if I don't work it off!! So- I am happy to say that in 2010 I gained 43 lbs, and lost 38.

This year's resolution is going to have three parts. Last year was the first year that I made a resolution, and I actually stuck with it (as far as finances)... So this year I'm going

A: keep last years goal and push toward a fiancially debt free life. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew, so I I know it may be on the resolution list for a few more years. But we are definatly on the track. Also, one thing that I want to do is build up the savings account. We had done well in 2008, but when we bought the house, naturally, we wiped it out.. We have slowly built it back up but when unexpected expenses occure (car repairs, house repairs, dr. bills) we easliy nip it back down.

b: Physically: Like I said, I still have that last 5 lbs to go! I wanted to get there before the new year, but It's like a plateau hit! So I have to be more intentional. Yes, I want to lose that final last 5 lbs., but I also want to get more in shape in general. We have the work out equipment and p90x. My goal is to make it a priority to get into shape !!

C: Finally, Spiritually. This year, especially recently I have found myself reflecting. Justin and I are reflecting on what calling that God has for us. I used to say "im clueless", but I am now seeing more and more daily where God is leading our hearts. And we are opening ourself up to it! I am not going to say anything specifically, because I do not yet know specifics, but this year I we are going to intensly focus on where/ what God has for us. We both are feeling like God is doing something in each of out hearts separatly, which is so exciting, but we are letting God speak to us.

So yeah. thats what I'm thinking for 2011!


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