Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life in the small town

So I think I am starting to get the hang of the small town living- actually- I really like it. The first couple of weeks were a little eerie, I must admit. I mean, I wasn’t used to walking into the post office and the guy standing behind me that I have never seen in my life say “g’mornin Amberrr”… In which I responded (with confused weird look) good morning??
people knowing my name right off the bat- that’s just weird. or going into the bank and getting the “hows married life?” from complete strangers that knew nothing about me- or- at least I knew nothing about them.. It wasn’t bad, it was just weird for me.. As the past three weeks have passed I am starting to grow accustom to seeing familiar faces in a tight-knit community- and I like it. I think I know more people in this community than I ever did in Circleville.

Anyway, Yesterday, I finally got the chance to speak to Megan and Amy which was so nice..My phone service still stinks, but the weather was so nice that I just sat outside and talked.. After chit chatting a little on the phone Jeni, Craig, Justin and I took a walk around Winchester, went to this little ice cream shop called ‘S & S’ and explored the town..! I felt like I was 13 years old again running around with my posse and eating ice cream. During the long walk We passed by some older houses for sell. Justin and I were a little curious so we peeked inside the windows, walked around the yard and checked out the place. Today Justin called the owners and one thing led to another and now we have an appointment to look at a house on Sat! It’s on older house- a definate fix-er-up-er but who knows!

to be continued!~


Rach Fri Apr 11, 08:08:00 PM  

aww... my little amber in the small town life! so you better not forget about me and you better call me sometime because i miss my old roomie.... i need to come visit the batcave sometime soon before ya'll move out! anyway, call me, email me, text me.... SOMETHING so that I know you are still alive! lol.... love ya

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