Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I hate cicadas. I hate them. To be completely honest, I cannot recall a real encounter with cecadas until Winchester. Here in Winchester there is an epidemic that is sweeping Adam’s county. Cecadas. Don’t know what they are? me neither a couple weeks ago. They are huge, quarter sized bugs that buzz louder than I can scream. Although they don’t sting or bite (at least I don’t think) they have no fear! They will swarm around you, get in your clothes, fly in your car, they almost flew in Justin’s mouth. They leave little shells all over the place too. They are GROSS.

The other day, I decided to lay out and try to soak up some sun. I am pasty white and I need help-lol. As soon as I walked out and laid down on the towel it was like a piece of meat just laid down in front of a pack of coyotes. I was swarmed by cicadas. They were flying on me, around me, laying on me. People, it was a horror movie. As danced my way back to the door- I vowed to never touch one of the insects from hell again. That was last week.
So last Sunday Justin and I were in the car after morning service heading to the nearest restaurant when he goes “ is there a Cicada in the car? I’m hearing some buzzing?” Of course I instantly freak and begin to slap my arms and legs in hopes of not finding a little cedaca tucked away in some portion of my body- luckily I didn’t. But he still insisted that he heard something. So I begin scanning the vehicle until the little shiney golden bug met me eye to eye on justin’s seat belt. Of course I begin belting giberish in hopes of communicating that I had found it when Justin reaches over- grabs the bug by the wings and proceeds to PUT IT IN MY FACE. imagine the horror. The buzzing. It still gives me chills. I wont lie, a mad woman came out of me that day. I began screaming, kicking, and clawing Justin. What seemed to be worse is that with every passing second of my screaming insanity, Justin seemed to laugh, and laugh…..and laugh….

after that/ I’ve realized that I hate them. I hate them more than spiders and snakes. A least spiders and snakes will try to get away from you- Cecadas will crawl all over you without fear and buzz like they are in heat… If you plan on visiting Adams County- beware.


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