Monday, March 24, 2008


Today is the first day in a long time that I have had the time to sit down and blog. First of all, I have to address my dear friends that have been calling me relentlessly and have yet to hear from me, and are beginning to believe that I was just a figment of their imagination…ehhh emmm…. (falling to my knees) FORGIVE ME!!! I still love you and will give you a call soon…Between not having service in Winchester, writing thank you cards, starting a new job and still unpacking I have found little time to chit chat. Again, I love you guys- every little single one of you..

But for now, here is an update..

Justin and I are back and are settling into life in the small town of Winchester OH… We both wake up every morning completely baffled at where we are today- together- in Winchester. Although we have only been married for 3 weeks I am completely awed at how lucky I am to have Justin as a husband. He makes me a better Amber.

All of this change has caused a lot of reflection lately…It seems as Madonna said “Life is full of suddenlys”..It seems it was yesterday that Suddenly I accepted Christ as a 15 year old confused freshmen unsure of what tomorrow would be.. And Suddenly Pastor Gary was talking to me about attending CBC…And Suddenly I found my first-world-self standing in a third world country accepting a call much bigger than myself…And Suddenly I walked across the stage to receive my BA in Psychology…And Suddenly I found myself completely in love with a guy I had looked over for 4 years.. And Suddenly I wake up in Winchester working for a Church, married to the love of my life… Suddenly

It’s crazy…

But regardless of how happy we are, it is still so weird to be in Winchester. Even today it feels surreal to wake up not in Circleville- to jump in my car and not go to OCU… It’s weird. Today I got a call from the college, Kay Humble- she worked in an entirely different department at OCU and was calling to verify some info for the church. My heart nearly jumped out my chest just to hear a voice from the college. So, I do miss everyone.. Working for the church has been a good adjustment though. I am excited for Justin and I to see how the Lord is going to use us together here.. It feels good to be apart of a church family again- very much needed. There are so many opportunities here for us, but we are trying to discern what exactly God has us here for rather than just jump into every opportunity, which by the way, is so stinkin hard for me... But I long to know what exactly God has saved me for, and What God has perfectly planned out for our lives. So for now, A new chapter in life is beginning.


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