Thursday, February 09, 2012

Happy 2nd B-day Aveman!

Today marke Avery-Grant's 2nd birthday! It is hard to believe that two years has flew by already. Last year, Justin and I took off work on his birthday and took him on an outting. I really wanted to go that route again this year since we had such a great time last year, but then last week happened. Justin hurt his back at work, and had to use his "birthday days" as sick days, and I was left to try to make it a special day on my own.

So this morning, I woke up and used the left over helium from the tank from his b-day party last weekend and made a "UP" movie sized bundle of balloons to welcome him in his b-day day.... I knew instantly when he woke up and found the balloons because I could hear him squealing and jumping on the bed..

He spent a good part of the morning running through the house with his birthday balloons, and I make him some scrambled eggs, yogurt, and toast... After eating his little breakfast, he wanted to pick a movie to watch -so we spent a few more hours watching "Cars" of course.. I put him down for an early nap, so we could start our adventure.

When he finally woke up, we were out the door and we went to Chuck-E-Cheese. At that point the day kinda went nuts. They aren't lying when they say it's a place where "a kid can be a kid" because my kid was running from one end to the other- jumping from one game to the next, squeeling with excitment as every moment passed. His cousin Acie, and my sis joined me as the boys went crazy.... and then the moment came when the pizz was done and it was time to remove the boys from the games... Let's just say that the terrible twos kicked into high gear, and I saw a side of Ave that I had never seen before. The best way to describe it was a cross between an excorsim like anger, and a wild animal forced to be cage. There was weird screeching growl like screams that sounded like he was being abused.... after the HUGE meltdown I removed him from the whole situation and tried to calm him down in the bathroom- which worked- thankfully... lol... and we were able to sit down and eat-kinda.

After chuck e cheese, we went to dairy queen for dessert and called it a night.

Avery, Justin and I spent the evening with the music station on, looking at our pictures from when he was born, reminiscing, and watching Avery bust out some dance moves. All in all- a good day.

But since Justin missed out on our special day, we are devoting Sunday to taking Avery to the Children's Museum in Cincinnati (which was the original plan)! Which should be fun!!


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Life Update!!

Hello blog world! It is I, the one whom has been missing since July! There are too many updates to put in one post, but I will do my best to sum up the last 6 months of silence:

1. I now have a fully active, time consuming, loving, ornery toddler boy that will turn 2 years old tomorrow (*tear*). I can't believe how time has flown with him. It makes me take every second I can get with him and enjoy each new stage. 2012 will be a big year for him- we are beginning potty training, we are moving his room to the larger guest room and he will have a new "big boy" bed in the coming weeks, and we are weaning him from the dreaded sippy cup.... Some kids have binkies, some have blankies, not my Ave. He had never really cared for them, his security item is the sippy cup that he carries snuggled under his arm 24 hours a day- even at night... so that is going to be a fun adventure, but despite it all- I think that the BIGGEST change that 2012 will bring for my little Avery-Grant is-----a new brother or sister... which brings #2....

2. We are pregnant! Total shock for me and Justin this time. We had actually booked a nice beach vacation in a resort and I was imagining laying on the beach after months of hard exercise, when I began to feel strangely tired- coma-like tiredness actually. It was a little scary. I would be sitting on the couch watching Avery play blocks totally awake and normal when I would awaken 15 minutes later..And then I would freak out because I just fell asleep with no other adult in the house with my toddler running free... So I began to get VERRY suspicious...

I didn't test right away though. I waited, thinking maybe it was in my head. The kicker was when I woke up one morning and took a drink of coffee, only to have an instant nausea and was totally disgusted with the taste of coffee... Im like, seriously, coffee! So yeah! took the test- and found out the big news.

The next hurdle was trying to figure out how far along I was, and I needed a dr... I don't know if I mentioned anything about my negative experience at the hospital that I delivered Avery in with the random Dr. that I had never met before (that is a whole new post)- but it was scarring enough that I wanted something radically different... SO, I did a little research with my insurance company and we found a midwife that was covered under my insurance. I really didn't know what to expect. It is a 45 minute drive for every visit, but so far I am verry pleased with the difference. The interesting thing is that I really haven't went through all the the testing that I did in the hospital practice, I have yet to have had any blood work, and the only way that they calculated my due date was by feeling on stomach- so I have noticed a big change with most of the prenatal care is very natural, and comfortable. I will still be having the baby in a hospital- being I live out in the boondocks, and the nearest hospital that would be qualified to handle an emergency is almost 2 hrs away. But I am excited that I decided to make the change so far.

My next appointment is on the 22nd of February, which will put my over 17 weeks along. It is so crazy how fast this pregnancy is going!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

June and July!

Well- I, once again, I have forsaken you my dear blog... for that- I am sorry. So here's my life update on whats been going on in the Mac's house.

June is literally a blur. It has flown by as quickly as it came. I came back from vacation and it seems like everything immediately went back into full swing.

1.We spent the 4th of July at home. This was the first year that I did not go to my parents' house for a visit. I woke up on the 3rd of July sick as a dog. We had our niec , Shelby, visiting for the week so I tried to save face, but it was useless. I called off the visit to my parents' house. On the 4th of July, despite the virus that I had picked up, we wanted to make sure that Shelby had fun, so we attemped to go to Coney Island. It was HOT. But we still managed to have so much fun there with her. And the Fireworks were amazing! However I was dumb and totally forgot my camera so the Coney Island trip was not picture documented at all... which makes me sad.

2. My little man, Ave, is as rotten as ever. He has brought so much joy to our lives. With each stage he grows into, there are whole new adventures that he brings with him. He is almost 18 months old. 18 MONTHS! Is that even possible? He acts so much more like a little independent boy that I really have to stop and enjoy the little moments when he's mine. Like last night, He was so tired but couldn't sleep. So he actually laid in my arms while I rocked him to sleep. The whole time, I'm trying to mentally capture the moment. Hold him...Stare at him as he sleeps.. I am so thankful for God's gift in Avery. Some new milestones lately:
1. he's talking.. .sometimes in his own language. But nonetheless, he's talking. His favorite phrase right now is "Oh No!"
2. He's a fully active little boy- running, jumping, climbing
3. He loves cucumbers, pickles, and onions.
4. He loves toy cars and any kind of sports ball.
5. He has mastered time out, due to his wonderful ability to hit.
But all in all- he's a blessing!

3. The third event that is consuming my life right now is the fact that our central air went out. Just so know, today is suppose to be the hottest day of the year with a heat index of 115.... and we are sitting in a house with a small window air conditioner at about 85 degrees. I am trying not to complain because I know that this is an everyday reality for some. But it is very hard to deal with when you have an 18 month old. BUT yeah. Not to mention the fact that it will cost us an arm and a leg after it's all said and done.

4. And finally- I am starting a new adventure.... I always told myself that I would not start a direct sales thing again.. I tried Mary Kay, and Beauticontrol- but I am about to eat my own words... Starting tomorrow, I will be the newest 31 gifts consultant. I am hopeing that this time will be differnet but who knows! I was really praying for something to do that would actually get me involved with people outside of the church bubble. Don't get me wrong, I love the people who I go to church with and the friends that I have. But I would like to get to know more people! And being that I am so not the type to walk up to strangers and fire up a conversation, I decided what the heck! I absolutly love the products that 31 has, I love that they are not very well known in the area, and I am excited to meet new ladies and have a hobby outside of church! For thoes that are not aware of what 31 is, it's a direct sales company that was started in 2004. 31 was named after Proverbs 31, which talks about the characteristics of a strong, virtuous woman. 31 sells boutique-like bags, purses, organizers, baskets- at a more affordable than boutique prices.

So stay tuned for more updates about 31!

Anyway- thats life for me! What about you???


Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well, it feels a little eerie today. Last week was our vacation to the Smokeys, and up until last week when I was having a rough day I could look at the calendar and go "2 weeks until vaca!" or "2 days".. and NOW it's over. So, I'm sad. It was a great vacation so I thought I'd post some of my favorite pictures.

We had a great time on each day, making great memories.

I am already looking forward to next year's vacation, even though I don't even know where it is.

Much needed.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh Harold (shakes head)

I remember the first time my grandma told me about "the rapture". I was 6 years old or so. She talked about it as any good ol' southern Baptist would. She explained how Jesus would return and take every living Christian to heaven. In the process, she said, unmanned cars would careen into homes and pedestrians, planes would collide with suburbs and skyscrapers. Ok, maybe thoes weren't her exact words, but they may as well have been.. I layed in bed, staring at the ceiling, my heart thumping..

I didn't attend church, and hadn't said the sinners prayer... but I did that night. Mainly because I was scared sick to think that I'd be left in an apocalyptic America run by the anti-Christ and his minions.

But years went by. My love for God never developed. I actaully HATED going to church with the grandparents. In the same way a child will fake illness' to skip school, I did the same with church. I remember telling grandma and papaw that the pews gave me debilitating back pain. They were wood.

And then at the age of 15 years old I was asked by a friend to attend a Christian concert. I reluctantly agreed. I hadn't stepped in church since my grandparents quit hounding me, and I wasn't in a rush to get back. But since this was a friend I decided to suck it up.

I was surprised when I actually enjoyed the concert. And then about midway through, the band leader stops and recites a passage- Matthew 7:22-24 "(A)Many will say to Me on (B)that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?'23"And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; (C)DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.'

My heart started to pound out of my chest. The leader went on to talk about judgement day, and how many will be turned because "they never knew Him". I could feel my body trying trembling, and I began to shift to find a comfortable position. I glanced around "what is going on?" I asked myself hoping to see signs that others are having the same emotional delima..But there was none. Finally the leader asked that everyone bow their heads, and asked that they repeat the sinners prayer if they felt God was leading them. So I did.

So yes, at the age of 15 I asked God to come into my heart out of fear, not at all unlike the time I did at the age of 6. But, at 15, I found Jesus through the imperfections of my motivations. I found the scriptures, and fell in love with God's heart. At I never have looked back.

So with all of the talk about rapture lately, and the continual badgering of the elderly man, Harold Camping, who is making these claims( I know I have made a few jabs), I couldn't help but wonder about every family that has been effected. How sobering is it when we consider all of the finances that have been poured into this 'ministry'..All of the lives ruined.. All of the people who, yes, out of fear made a committment to God hoping to escape Hell

And then God reminded me of my own salvation story. So I am believing that there are people out there who saw Harold's outrageous predictions and decided "I better get myself right!" And are now on a journey that they may not have started otherwise.

I saw the newest prediction from Harold Camping this morning that on October 21st the world would end. I had to bite my tounge-thoughts. (Yes, I said tounge-thoughts)... And pray for Harold and the emotional stress he must be undergoing ... And then I am reminded to trust.

I think Shaun Groves said it best in his blog "I trust that the death and resurrection of Jesus appeased a God who hates sin and turned away his wrath. I trust that He keeps His promises – that He will never leave me in this life or the next. I trust that life beside Him anywhere is better than life at a distance down here. I trust that He knows history because He is its Author. And I trust He'll forgive Harold Camping for getting it wrong on October 21st, and forgive me for not always wishing the Harolds of this world were right when they predicted a rapture."


Monday, May 16, 2011

Reality Check

When you have a child, all of a sudden there are random moments in the midst of your daily life, that you get interrupted and you hear God say"that's what I'm talking about !"
That's been me, alot. lately.
The other day Avery was literally climbing up (or at least attempting to climb up) the entertainment center. You see, on top of the entertainment center sets many coooool gadgets. Gadgets that light up, or buzz, or are just bright colored (tv. remotes, our phones, wii/ xbox controller). So when I caught him in mid action,  I ran over to Ave and picked him up. I pulled him away from all of the distractions and bent down to make eye contact. You see, every single blog and book I have came across that gives methods of discipline has said that making good eye contact with your little one is key to getting across the message. Yes, he's only 14 months old, but I know that if I do not start practicing some of this now, it will NEVER be effective.
 SO anyway-  back to the story. I caught the little monster climbing, so I picked him up and took him out of the living room. But the thing is, although I had literally removed him from the distractions and bent down to make eye contact and let him know that it was not okay to climb, his little eyes were darting across the room. He was standing right in front of me, but looking past me, squirming and whining. He was more interested in what was behind me or beside me and we seriously struggled for several minutes. I stood him in front of he and gently held his shoulders enought to keep him still....  I knew that I couldn't give up! I knew I could not just say "ok nevermind, go play" I sat there and starred so hard at him until his little eyes FINALLY met mine. It took some tears. It took some real patience. But finally, His little eyes stopped darting. His cries finally quieted down, and he looked at me in the eyes. I was able to finally say "No, you can't climb up there". Andit seemed like he got it!
So after that little ordeal happened and he was back in action playing with his toys. I sat down on the couch drinking my coffee, just thinking about how hard it was to get that simple message across. It wouldn't have taken so much energy, had he just stopped! .. And then, BAM... I could feel the presence of God. I could feel God saying to me "that's what I have to do to with you, Amber!"
So many many many times in my life and even now I can see that God is trying to teach me to look my Heavenly Father in the eyes. When there is a crisis either big or small, I will shoot up a prayer all the while my eyes are more distracted on what's on either side of my life. Although I say with my mouth, I'm trusting God, I am spiritally looking to my left and right. My focus is not Him. When I have a burden, I'm so consumed with it, that I although God is there, starring me down harrrd (like I did with Ave) I am still like a panicked mess.. When I have desires of my heart, like being home with Avery more, I rarely tell God. Instead I try to work out the kinks and finances and never truly give it to God.  I know God wants me to be still, and make eye contact, listen.. But I'm like a 14 month old child who struggles to focus on the thing right in front of my face!!
Ok. I realize that I am blabbering a little.
  But That's been my epiphany over the weekend. And I am realizing just how hard it is to stop and focus.... which makes me a little more sympathetic for the 14 month old that had to get pulled from the entertainment center a half dozen times even after "he got it"... yes I get frustrated, but I never give up on getting that message across. And I know God doesn't give up either. He's there, starring me down (in a loving way of course)!.
Anyway- I do want to apoligize for the lack of posts. I could probably list 300 reasons why I haven't posted lately, but I'm not gonig to. I will say, I was pleasantly surprised to get a few emails about some waiting on a new post. So sorry for the 3-5 people who actually read this crazy thing! ;)


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

organizing isn't my strong suit.. BUT

I need to organize..

So life has been nothing short of EXTREME CHAOS..
at least that's the way it feels. So lately, I have been trying really hard to make life feel a little more organized. I will occasionally get on an organizational kick, and 9 times out of 10 it is when I'm internally feeling like a mess! So- I guess it's an outward attempt at cleaning inward too?? I don't know.

All I know is I sporadically called my husband on Friday and told him I was renting a carpet cleaning machine and we needed to clean ALL of the carpets... And then I was going to clean out the closets.. And that I needed to wash every linen in our house... and that the pantry and the fridge were in need of a deep cleaning. And Avery's room was unorganized and I needed to completely rearrange it. So I did. I did it all..

Mind you- I was battling a stomach bug this weekend too- but I think the busyness helped keep my mind off of my illness, and the everything.

Also, This week- I am going to work HARD on getting a healthier food plan together, and to stick to it. I've have had a weekly meal planner routine for awhile now. But, sometimes life happens, and the frozen nuggets in the freezer look a lot more tempting to make (5 min) than the home glazed/ baked ham, asperagus and salad(1.5 hrs) that was on the meal plan when you've worked all day.. So I will admit it, our diets have slacked. Justin has complained of gaining weight and I can't help but to feel a little guilty about that. On my end- for whatever reason, all of my crazy days of running have helped me in that department. I am officially 1 lb. below my pre-pregnancy weight.

So anyway- I am going to experiment with some new ways of organizing meals and see how it goes. There is something about a clean (more) organized enviornment that brings a new peace to ya. I seem to sleep better, to wake up more energized, to be a happier person altogether.. Especially in midst of crazy chaos in life.


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