Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Life Update!!

Hello blog world! It is I, the one whom has been missing since July! There are too many updates to put in one post, but I will do my best to sum up the last 6 months of silence:

1. I now have a fully active, time consuming, loving, ornery toddler boy that will turn 2 years old tomorrow (*tear*). I can't believe how time has flown with him. It makes me take every second I can get with him and enjoy each new stage. 2012 will be a big year for him- we are beginning potty training, we are moving his room to the larger guest room and he will have a new "big boy" bed in the coming weeks, and we are weaning him from the dreaded sippy cup.... Some kids have binkies, some have blankies, not my Ave. He had never really cared for them, his security item is the sippy cup that he carries snuggled under his arm 24 hours a day- even at night... so that is going to be a fun adventure, but despite it all- I think that the BIGGEST change that 2012 will bring for my little Avery-Grant is-----a new brother or sister... which brings #2....

2. We are pregnant! Total shock for me and Justin this time. We had actually booked a nice beach vacation in a resort and I was imagining laying on the beach after months of hard exercise, when I began to feel strangely tired- coma-like tiredness actually. It was a little scary. I would be sitting on the couch watching Avery play blocks totally awake and normal when I would awaken 15 minutes later..And then I would freak out because I just fell asleep with no other adult in the house with my toddler running free... So I began to get VERRY suspicious...

I didn't test right away though. I waited, thinking maybe it was in my head. The kicker was when I woke up one morning and took a drink of coffee, only to have an instant nausea and was totally disgusted with the taste of coffee... Im like, seriously, coffee! So yeah! took the test- and found out the big news.

The next hurdle was trying to figure out how far along I was, and I needed a dr... I don't know if I mentioned anything about my negative experience at the hospital that I delivered Avery in with the random Dr. that I had never met before (that is a whole new post)- but it was scarring enough that I wanted something radically different... SO, I did a little research with my insurance company and we found a midwife that was covered under my insurance. I really didn't know what to expect. It is a 45 minute drive for every visit, but so far I am verry pleased with the difference. The interesting thing is that I really haven't went through all the the testing that I did in the hospital practice, I have yet to have had any blood work, and the only way that they calculated my due date was by feeling on stomach- so I have noticed a big change with most of the prenatal care is very natural, and comfortable. I will still be having the baby in a hospital- being I live out in the boondocks, and the nearest hospital that would be qualified to handle an emergency is almost 2 hrs away. But I am excited that I decided to make the change so far.

My next appointment is on the 22nd of February, which will put my over 17 weeks along. It is so crazy how fast this pregnancy is going!


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