Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Dear Tony

Dear Tony Horton,
My husband and I decided to start P90X...again. You see, I tried it after my baby was born. I didn't make to day 90 though, I believe we reached day 40 and then realized that having a newborn crying all night, while having to work full-time  all day, and then come home and do the p90x thing wasn't going to mesh. BUT Even with only making it to day 40, I was able to lose 15lbs!
SO- with summer around the corner and with me approaching 30 I thought "let's do this....hardcore style. Forget these small workouts. Im doing the whole stinkin thing..yeeeeeeeah".. I was motivated to say the least.
That was 3 days ago.
we did the full abs workout. And the word "hurts" has taken a new meaning. It hurts to stand. It hurts to walk to the bathroom. It hurts to bend over to put in the P90X dvd. It hurts to pet the cat. It hurts to pick up my 30 lb. child that wants to hang off of me. It hurts to breath. it hurts to do the dishes... It hurts to roll over in bed.. It actually hurts so much that I thought for a moment that "this can't be normal- it just can't. Am I THAT out of shape? ".... And I only did the 15 minute ab workout.
So, Tony, I missed day 2 because I don't think I could have made it out of the door- today if I would have attempted it last night.. but I am going to try it tonight. *gulp*...............
See you later tonight,


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