Wednesday, March 09, 2011

10 signs 30 is a'comin

So the other night Justin and I were flipping through the channels and then somhow landed on QVC. We are not QVC'ers and I guess I had always saw it as something that 'old' people watch.. So, we both found it amusing when we found ourselves calling in and making a purchase. Yes, I will admitt it, I shop on the home shopping network.

Since that happened, and now that I am going on 28 (and Justin will be 30 this year), I started to think about other little things about me that has changed since I am approaching the big 3-0.

Top 10 signs 30 is a'comin:

1. Your favorite clothing stores has evolved from the typical young Aeropostal/ American Eagle- to Banana Republic/ New York Co./ ANYTHING on sale at Khols... or just anything on sale period.

2. You're now much more thankful for how speed bumps slow those young punks down

3.You have tried to use the phrase "gettin jiggy with it" recently and had blank stares.

4. You actually remember taking a class in high school where we learned what the Internet was and how to use it. I remembering learning how to look up a web page and how to search for things. SERIOUSLY. That's how old I am, dudes! And floppy disks were actaully floppy ! I think that the floppy disks were when I was in elementary school, but still! I am pretty sure that I am going to tell my grandkids that.

5. When you try to entertain your 13 month old by doing a sommer sault you end up in pain. Seriously, I heard a crack..

6. If your up past 10 o'clock you feel like a party animal.

7. I remember a time in my teen years when a weekend with no plans was "horrible!!!" NOW-A weekend with no plans is BEYOND awesome.

8. I realize that in just a few short years I won't be invited to the "20 somes" group in church!

9. When we finally decided to go out to a movie, concert, etc. You leave about 10 minutes before the encore to "beat the rush"

10. You stop dreaming of hitting it big (winning money, becoming a disney star, muscian, olympic athlete, etc.,etc..) and start dreaming of having your son do it instead (haha, poor Avery)

Thoes are just a FEW that I could come up with. Are there anymore that you can think of?


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