Tuesday, April 05, 2011

organizing isn't my strong suit.. BUT

I need to organize..

So life has been nothing short of EXTREME CHAOS..
at least that's the way it feels. So lately, I have been trying really hard to make life feel a little more organized. I will occasionally get on an organizational kick, and 9 times out of 10 it is when I'm internally feeling like a mess! So- I guess it's an outward attempt at cleaning inward too?? I don't know.

All I know is I sporadically called my husband on Friday and told him I was renting a carpet cleaning machine and we needed to clean ALL of the carpets... And then I was going to clean out the closets.. And that I needed to wash every linen in our house... and that the pantry and the fridge were in need of a deep cleaning. And Avery's room was unorganized and I needed to completely rearrange it. So I did. I did it all..

Mind you- I was battling a stomach bug this weekend too- but I think the busyness helped keep my mind off of my illness, and the everything.

Also, This week- I am going to work HARD on getting a healthier food plan together, and to stick to it. I've have had a weekly meal planner routine for awhile now. But, sometimes life happens, and the frozen nuggets in the freezer look a lot more tempting to make (5 min) than the home glazed/ baked ham, asperagus and salad(1.5 hrs) that was on the meal plan when you've worked all day.. So I will admit it, our diets have slacked. Justin has complained of gaining weight and I can't help but to feel a little guilty about that. On my end- for whatever reason, all of my crazy days of running have helped me in that department. I am officially 1 lb. below my pre-pregnancy weight.

So anyway- I am going to experiment with some new ways of organizing meals and see how it goes. There is something about a clean (more) organized enviornment that brings a new peace to ya. I seem to sleep better, to wake up more energized, to be a happier person altogether.. Especially in midst of crazy chaos in life.


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