Monday, November 08, 2010

Life over the past few weeks

Well, it's monday. I know that I have been slacking in my blog lately. I actually really desire to be one of the cool every day bloggers. But It is just impossible. I love blogging. It's nice to take a few moments out of my day and reflect. It's also nice to take a few moments a read someone else's reflections.. I just wish I could do it more fequently! Being a full time momma, that now has a computer that is crashed at home really shows it's obstacles. I am updating my blog via lunch break right now... (BTW...Where can I take a computer to get serviced? I don't want to buy a new one!) *sigh*

Anyway- the last few weeks have been non-stop. I can't believe that October is over. I have some amazingly cute pictures of Avery's billy goat outfit, but I will have to get them on here as soon as I can figure out our stinkin computer. But we had a great time on Halloween. We even had a costume halloween party. I actually had never went to one, so Justin and I thought, what the heck, let's do it! One big shocker for us was when we went shopping for halloween costumes. A- ALL of the lady costumes were super hoochie. I mean, it's october people! You'd think people would want MORE material.. And B- All of the halloween costumes were SUPER expensive- as in over 40 bucks.. There was no way in hatis Justin and I were going to drop at least 80 bucks on a costume even if it was our party... So as were walking out of the store, we past a rack of masks that were 5 dollars... so with that- THIS was our costume. (i stole this picture from a friend's facebook)

haha.. Talk about ghetto. I ended up finding a cheap raggedy clothe, and justin found a vampir-ish so we were "twin ghouls".

But it ended up being a really fun night with good friends.

Then- on November 1st, my little sister, Alysia had a little girl! Her name is Addisyn Lynn. Here is anoother photo stole from facebook

I went down to portsmouth to visit family and meet Addi for the first time. We went to my dear sweet 93 year old grandma's house and had some good ol' salmon patties, and fried potatoes, with some fresh corn. It was a good time, but like all good things, it came to an end too soon.

And then yesterday, Nov. 7th, we went to church and took part in Avery's baby dedication. It was a very sweet special day for everyone. Here a few pictures from the dedication. My mom took pics, but alot turned out blurry, so I am kinda hoping to get a copy of the photographer from our church's pics... So maybe hopefully more pics will come.

By the way- notice this last picture with Ave raising his hand. He was cracking us all up- he kept waving to everyone when the Pastor would turn his back toward us and talk to the congregation. When Pastor D would turn around toward us Aveman put his hand down like nothing was going on... lol.. he is such a cute little ornery thing!


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