Monday, May 10, 2010

Shame on me!

Shame shame shame on me!! I post every single week of my pregnancy, and share all the new exciting details of the week and then BAM- I'm out like a light! Nobody knows what happens. Is there a little Avery that exsists? How much did he weigh? How was the birth?! I know! It must have been killing everyone to not know  :)
Well, let me just say- yes, there is a little Avery Grant MacQuarrie. He is my cute blonde-ish red headed blue eyed sweetheart that I have kept all to myself for the past 3 months. I always try to look at life unbiasly- but this little guy IS THE cutest-sweetest-loving- happy little guy EVER.. And I am not bias or anything.
Anyway- let me back up three months ago yesterday. February 9th, 2010. This is how my day went:
I had been a miserable wreck for that entire week prior and was praying for an early arrival of baby Avery-Grant. February 6th, 7th, and 8th had came and gone without even the slightest inclination that a baby was coming soon. February 8th was no different. I went to work, came home, made some homemade chicken and noodles and went to bed expecting to get up for work the next day and do it all over again.
 2:00am: I woke up feeling a little 'rumbly' in my stomach. It wasn't pain at all- just slightly uncomfortable and I felt like the baby was laying on a nerve because my back was hurting too. I got up and decided to try to sleep on the couch.
3:00am- I woke for a second time feeling slightly more crampy, went to the bathroom to find (sorry if TMI) a large amount of blood. At this point I was alarmed. I wasn't feeling pain at all to the point that I thought I was in labor, so to see this was disheartening.. But despite the blood- I decided to go back and lay on the couch to see if this is the onset of labor.
3:30am- The pain in my back seems to progress pretty rapidly. To the point I get out a pen and paper and start writing down the time of the sharp bolts of pain to see if there is a pattern going on. Surely enough, there is. They are coming consistantly at 5 minutes apart without a second wavering.  At this point- I know that 'it's time'! I run to the bedroom where Justin is sleeping and shake him to death "IT'S TIME!!" He jumps up out of bed and grabs his phone. I pick it up and call the hospital. I begin to explain to the nurse everything that had happened and that the contractions are coming consistantly 5 minutes apart. I could tell that the nurse was taking everything I said in stride. "Honey, why don't you get a glass of water and try to go back to sleep. Most first time mom's have false labor. If you still feel the pain in an hour- give us a call back."
Uhhhhg Yeah right!.. I thought. But I did hang up and get a glass of water. And tried to wait it out. I think Justin partially thought it was false labor as well because I wasn't necessarily screaming bloody murder or anything. But I honestly was just trying to focus my way through the pain- so I was very silent and still. If Justin even tried to talk to me during a contraction I would say"SHHHH"... In any case - the hour flew by and my contractions sped up.
4:30- I picked up the phone and made the second call to the dr's office...After trying to hold a conversation with the dr. while having a contraction I handed the phone off to justin- it was jsut too painful to talk through. He grabs the phone and is silent for a moment "Oh okay,"  he says poliely and hangs up.....
What did they say???? I snapped.
Wait another hour and see if they are still bad he replied.
At this point I could have bit off someone's head. The Dr. was not on my good side- but I sucked it up and started the timer for 1 hour. About this time I had an intense shift in pain, and I became really nauseous. I ran to the pantry and grabbed some saltine crackers and began to nibble on them in hopes of calming down the nausea- which seemed to work. I decided that in between contractions- I should go ahead and make sure all of the loose ends are tied up and bags are completely packed. At this point Justin is just starting his packing.
5:30- I handed the phone to justin and told him "We are leaving no matter what they say at this point." He calls them and lets them know that we are going to leave. NOW. I grab the keys and get in the car...
Justin is running around the house. Do you want snacks? Reading material? what about some music? he said.
I could feel the anger rising up inside... Shush up and get in the car NOW...
I ran to the car and got in... Leaving justin inside running from room to room picking up random things (because he didn't pack anything up until it was time to go).
5:40- He finally gets in the car. Oh- and it's snowing a stinking blizzard outside and the 5 minute drive to the hospital felt like 2 hours because the roades were covered in ice.
5:50- We walk in the hospital and the receptionist meets me at the door. Can you please step over here and answer some questions? She then proceeds to ask a hundred questions about insurance and everything else. I can't even remember it all, I was in so much pain. She points us to maternity and off we go.
6:00- I am finally in the maternity ward. I make it to the front desk receptionist she asks me a couple more questions and then hands me a gown and asks that I pee in a cup... At this moment, I again had another intense surge of pain that made me stomach turn nausous again. I make ithalfway to the bathroom and end up throwing up all over myself (sorry if TMI) but it was definatly a sight.
6:20- After getting cleaned up and going to the restroom the nurse finally takes me back to examine me.. Her mouth drops open. 8! Your 8 centimeters, are almost ready to push!
My mouth nearly hit the floor. What???
7:00am- I am officially admitted. There is a little quarrel among the nurses if I can have any pain medications and it was decided to go ahead and give me a shot to take the edge off  (not the epidural like I had originally planned on getting.) 
The shot helped some. Enough for me to relax, but definatly didn't leave me painfree. This is when we finally got to call and text people and let them know that we were in the hospital and I was 8 cm. dialated. My mother was in disbelief. How are you 8 cm dialated and jsut getting to hospital???  haha..
8:00am- I am checked to see how far along and I was 9 1/2, but the head was not coming down far enough.
So from 8-10:00am it was a waiting game to see if the baby would acutally come down enough to push, and at 10:20am I started pushing. Because Avery was quite a large baby for me, and because his head was still fairly high I pushed for an hour and a half!
At 11:59am Avery Grant is finally born! My mom and dad show up 10 minutes later from their drive in the blizzard!
He weighed in at 8lbs even. He was beautiful!
Since his birth he has grew like a weed. I wish I could record each and every day because it seems like he growns and just learns neww things every day. I could not have imagined motherhood to be any more fulfililng than it is right now. I hope to start my every week posting again to record my little guy's life!


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