Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pet Carrier

Funny story that I have to share. Justin just called, he usually calls around 3:30 pm while he is on his way to work. Well, he called and was telling me his experience dropping Autumn off at the vet.

A couple of years ago I had gave away my nice pet carrier and since I haven't really had to tote her around that much I never went out of my way to buy a new one. A about 6 months ago I was at Big Lots and found this cute pink barbie carrier. I thought "well, I may need it one day!" so i bought it for a couple dollars. We did use it to tote Autumn when we moved from one house to the other. But one thing i did not take into account was Justin dropping Autumn off at the vet.. Here is how our conversation today went:

Justin: Well, Autumn is dropped off. They have the Barbie carrier too.

Amber: You took her in in the Barbie purse?! I thought that you would take her out of it!

Justin: Yeah Man! I just took her in it and gave them the whole thing. I know I looked gay..

Amber: (laughing) Did you put it on your arm?

Justin: Yeah. I was trying to hide the barbie logo.. But the ladies saw it. They were trying not to laugh.

If you could just picture it like I do- you would be laughing too... poor Justin.


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